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ZL Attorneys at Law is organized and staffed with one goal in mind: Helping You Succeed. Succeeding in business has always been challenging. Our dedicated lawyers offer you excellence in legal services. We provide you with the personal attention in order to reach your business goals.

ZL Attorneys at Law provides comprehensive legal advice & counseling for the most sophisticated and complicated business and legal issues confronting our clients. We offer practical solutions, not just opinions.

Our services are tailored to the unique needs of every client.

Zl Attorneys at Law provides a wide range of local legal services for individuals, small businesses, non-for-profit organizations, and large corporations.  We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive service that may also include Real Estate Agents, Notary Publics,  and Governmental Institutions.  Endeavors that require legal assistance to the individual may include purchasing land, other forms of real estate, sale and registration of yachts, employment contracts,  landlord/tenant agreements, and builder/contractor disputes. 

For small businesses, non-for profit businesses, and large business development we can handle all aspects of incorporation, leases,  contract negotiations and disputes, licenses and permits, patents and trademarks, and labor law considerations.  We are also able to provide the same services for international companies wishing to expand to Curacao,  and/or any of the Caribbean Islands of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. We also assist with the incorporation and management of offshore companies and offshore banking opportunities, investment and asset protection.

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