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ZL Attorneys at Law are widely recognized in the Dutch Caribbean for successfully negotiating a wide spectrum of government issues relating to onshore and offshore legal entities.

Our extensive experience navigating through the government red tape and the political process has saved our clients enormous amounts of time and large sums of money. By leveraging our well-connected web of professional relationships with individual members of local governments, politicians and commercial banks our clients are equipped with a legal competitive advantage that is vital to their success.

It goes without saying that the legal and regulatory environment in Curaçao can be confusing. We know how laws are made on the islands. We know how the law works and how to work within the boundaries of the law. As a result of our regular participation in the judicial system, local laws have evolved. Our attorneys have been asked to advice on the establishment of new laws both on a local and national level.

Dealing with the government independently can often be time consuming and at times an effort in futility. We have an excellent reputation with many decision makers in governmental offices, and we know how to satisfy the governmental requirements in order to get our clients’ needs met in an efficient manner.

Our Governmental Services include:

Assist with local government permits, applications and licenses;
Assist clients in all matters regarding land use and zoning; vari ances; special exceptions; annexations and any other possible per mits;
Engage in insurance regulation and litigation; transactions; regula tory work; risk financing; management and legislation for insurance agencies and administrators;
Assist those clients seeking various business and vendor licenses; approvals from utility regulators; restaurant, bank, hotel and casino licenses;
Advise and assist on local tax issues; government contracting and procurement; pension funds; complex administrative issues;
Advise on local telecommunications regulations and certification;
Assist with real estate and construction building and zoning permits; unclaimed property issues;
Advise clients involved with casinos, hotels and online gambling companies; 
Immigration and residency assistance;

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