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With more than 25 years of combined experience advising and counseling both employers and employees in every aspect of labor law, ZL Attorneys at Law is thoroughly familiar with the local laws governing this extremely complex system.

We have hundreds of case studies and rulings in our extensive, private library, giving each client access to the most qualified labor law attorneys in Curaçao.

Whether you are a human resource director of a multinational corporation faced with on-going employee-related issues or an individual who wants to know your rights before you enter into a labor contract, ZL Attorneys at Law can clearly spell out the labor laws - and your rights - under the jurisdiction of Curaçao.

ZL Attorneys at Law is committed to giving each client full access to a line of on-going support and advice. Whenever a confusing labor matter arises we are here to answer the call.

And when it comes to pension law, no one can help you navigate the complex issues surrounding this branch of labor law like our founding partner Dr. Erik Lutjens. Widely considered the foremost expert in pension law in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Dr. Lutjens is the author of leading literature on pension laws in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Our labor law services include:

Human Resource Support
Assist with planning, strategy and formation of employment policies and manuals in accordance with local requirements;
Assist with work permit application and processing for employees and upper level management.

Employment/Benefits/Pension Fund
Structuring of employment benefit packages for C-Level executives and employees;
Design incentive-based plans including stock options and bonus structures;
Specializing in pension fund assistance, renegotiation and fund restructuring;
Draft pension plans and agreements.

Employee Termination and Severance
Terminate labor contracts and dissolve labor agreements;
Design severance packages and assist with layoff programs;
Advise and negotiate settlements for corporate clients who are dealing with issues regarding dismissed employees, termination
and severance;
Represent employees in wrongful termination litigation cases and similar negotiations;

Trade Secret and Intellectual Property Protection
Advise on civil and criminal actions against employees for breaching confidentiality or trade secret infringement;
Draft employee handbooks, work rules and operating procedures to ensure proper employee conduct in order to deter future disciplin ary action;

Labor and Union-related Matters
Draft labor contracts and design labor force restructuring programs;
Advise on all union-related and regulatory matters;
Handle labor disputes and issues;
Define and assist with rules governing mergers and acquisitions;
Assist with collective labor contract negotiations.
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