Seizure of Assets

ZL Attorneys at Law we have over four decades of combined experience handling cases that involve seizure and execution law. In that time we have earned a distinguished reputation for our ability to provide the kind of measured results and legal services our clients demand. In a concentrated effort to better serve our clients we handle time-sensitive cases that encompass:

  • Assistance with drafting, amendment and assessment of contracts and general conditions;
  • Enforcement of liens, attachments and executions on various assets (fixed and/or liquid);
  • Disputes over performance, dissolution and suspension of contractual obligations;

ZL Attorneys at Law upholds an unbridled commitment to aggressively recoup our clients’ rightfully owned properties and possessions. Our extensive experience in the seizure and releasing of assets affords our clients with an emotional security blanket that is priceless and ensures good night sleep.

ZL Attorneys at Law has a successful track record of recovering seized assets based in Curacao for clients who were previously told it was impossible by other law firms or government officials. With the connections to take legal action immediately, we are able to freeze assets and to place liens and attachments in a legally binding fashion within 24 hours – or even sooner. We accomplish this by operating with open lines of direct communication. As an inherent result, this gives our clients a concentrated advantage over those firms who pass their case over to inexperienced assistants.


  • Individuals or companies who have had assets seized or frozen in Curaçao;
  • Individuals or companies who wish to freeze assets based in Curacao in order to secure their claims;
  • Individuals or companies who have their assets frozen by the (local) government;

We freeze assets relating to:

  • Funds in a bank account;
  • Real estate and land;
  • Company shares/stocks and individual salaries;
  • Automobiles, airplanes and marine vessels;
  • Business inventory and other valuable assets;
  • “Hidden” assets
Have Questions?  Call Us Today: +(1) 772-222-7436
Have Questions? Call Us Today: +(1) 772-222-7436