Incorporation of Legal Entities

Incorporation of Legal Entities

Incorporation of Legal Entities

Incorporation of Legal Entities. Do you know the secret to managing your estate and financial investments without catering to all the demands and unwanted stress that comes along with it? Did you know there is a cost-effective, flexible offshore instrument that could conform to your changing needs as they arise?

By managing your investments with a Curacao Private Foundation you can have the peace of mind and security you always wanted but never thought was possible in the demanding world of estate planning and investment. This simple yet completely anonymous offshore financial instrument consolidates all your private family holdings under one tax-free umbrella, giving you absolute control and the protection you deserve.

ZL Attorneys at Law has many years of specialized expertise advising high net worth individuals and family groups in complex issues like estate planning, as well as the formation and management of other legal entities, the preservation of wealth and management of assets and corporate and tax structures.

Our “one-stop shop” of legal and business services includes but is not limited to:

  • The incorporation of all kinds of legal entities (i.e. trusts, offshore companies, e-zone companies, internet and gaming companies);
  • Identifying which offshore holding companies and trusts are best suited your particular business needs and goals;
  • Establish and Maintain Curacao Private Foundations (“Stichting Particulier Fonds”)
  • Estate and Trust Planning and Execution;
  • Tax Planning and Advisory;
  • Personal and Corporate Asset Protection;

There are three main benefits to setting up a legal entity with our Curacao-based law firm:

  • We can save you money on taxes;
  • We provide complete asset protection, giving you peace of mind and security;
  • We safely walk you through the estate planning and execution process.

How do we continue to maintain our stellar track record?

  • By leveraging practical business and legal solutions that are designed to meet the individual needs of a client, whether it is a large multinational corporation or a company with one shareholder;
  • By listening to our clients first, then identifying and developing straight-forward business solutions before any further measure is taken;
  • We work on behalf of our clients, not our own interests;
  • We are based in Curacao, which gives us an advantage over other firms who lack an intimate familiarity with the approval and imple mentation processes;
  • We rely on a close network of local judges, government officials, bankers and other experts in the region, a web of personal contacts throughout the world that guarantee our clients achieve their specific goals.
Have Questions?  Call Us Today: +(1) 772-222-7436
Have Questions? Call Us Today: +(1) 772-222-7436