Personal Injury

We act in cases involving all areas of liability law, including the liability of government bodies or regulatory authorities, liability under general contractual or statutory obligations, road maintenance authority liability, liability for personal injury (car, home, work) and maritime liability. We represent individuals who have been injured through no fault of their own from a variety of circumstances which can include: an automobile accident, boating accident, a slip and fall injury, a faulty construction injury, faulty equipment injury, on the job injury which can be due to mechanical failure or dysfunction, or employer neglect. Medical malpractice cases include physician errors such as surgical errors, failure to diagnose, and failure to perform or order proper diagnostic procedures, pharmacy errors, inpatient hospital or nursing home neglect or abuse. We also work with attorneys from other countries who represent people who were injured in Curacao.

Have Questions?  Call Us Today: +(1) 772-222-7436
Have Questions? Call Us Today: +(1) 772-222-7436