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ZL Attorneys at Law provides a broad range of comprehensive legal services to corporate, financial and industrial clients. Clients include both U.S. and non-U.S. companies and individuals pursuing opportunities arising from offshore banking and business services,investment and asset protection in Curaçao.

For the last 25 years our multi-disciplinary team of legal professionals has worked with individuals and businesses in over 50 countries around the world, assisting with the incorporation and management of offshore companies as well as the multitude of inherent complex issues involved. In that time, we have restructured hundreds of international corporations, amounting to a tax savings of millions of dollars per year.

Our Offshore Banking and Business Services practice provides a wide spectrum of transactional and advisory service to corporations and estate holders alike. We continue to manage hundreds of international companies and are committed to helping clients achieve their offshore business goals by delivering comprehensive experience and unparalleled insight.

We uphold our high standard of excellence by counseling clients regularly on all relevant offshore banking and business laws, regulations, policies, compliance and governance issues as it pertains to those jurisdictions in Curacao.

Our Offshore Banking and Business Services expertise:

Incorporate and manage offshore companies and corporate structures;
Advise and set-up offshore bank accounts with credit card, debit card and online services;
Advise and counsel on creditor and bankruptcy protection;
Assist in setting up a local address, local management and filing of all tax documents;
Assist in formation of e-zone companies (2% profit tax only);
Advise on complex issues relating to corporate assets, shares and other investment vehicles;
Drafting and reviewing offshore legal documents;
Corporate organization and restructuring;
Participating in legal and commercial negotiations;


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